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How My Passion Developed

      As a 16-year-old and a self-taught baker, I set out on a journey to share my love of baking with the world. Now, I can finally say “Welcome to Penplatter”. 

      Just before COVID-19 began, I started to discover my passion for baking and calligraphy. It all started from a Netflix show called Zumbo's Just Desserts. Watching this baking reality competition really drew me into the amazing world of baking. I was captivated by the sophistication of each dessert. I searched online for the participants of the show and found some of their recipes. I decided to gather all the ingredients, some of which were hard to find, and set off on a journey into the world of baking. I started Penplatter as an Instagram page to showcase the desserts I tried making, but now Penplatter has cultivated into a bakery.  I still remember the day I picked the name 'Penplatter' for my Instagram page. While in the car, my family and I started discussing my interest in baking and calligraphy and chose the word 'pen' to show my interest in calligraphy and 'platter' to describe serving desserts on a plate. Soon, I began taking some of the desserts I made to my friends’ houses. I soon realized that sharing my desserts gave me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Now my interest in calligraphy has taken a different role in Penplatter through which I design Penpaltter's business cards, website, Instagram, and even the packaging. 

"What Does Penplatter Mean?"

I often get asked the question “What is the meaning of Penplatter”. Penplatter is formed by combining two words that represent my interests: Pen + Platter. The word “Pen” shows my love for calligraphy and for expressing my thoughts through words. “Platter” presents my enthusiasm for baking desserts as well as the joy that comes from serving and helping others. One usually uses a pen to do calligraphy & design and uses a plate to serve one’s desserts; thus, I used the tools used for calligraphy and baking to describe my passions. Penplatter depicts my eagerness for calligraphy, baking desserts, and service.

Teen Entrepreneur Fair


In November 2021, Penplatter joined the Holiday Entrepreneur Fair for young business owners. This was our first time selling our desserts in person. The fair provided a great opportunity to interact with other teen entrepreneurs and with our customers. At the fair, we sold our special Mango Cheesecake, Fudge Brownie Cookies, Blueberry Muffins, and our delicious Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf Cake. WE SOLD OUT OF EVERY SINGLE DESSERT BY THE END OF THE FAIR! Penplatter donated all of its earnings of over $200 from the fair to St. Jude's Children Hospital and Cancer Research. We had an amazing experience participating in this fair, and we will definitely be selling in more fairs in the future. 



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